David Oas

Professor emeritus Southern Oregon University    Retired 1997
Clinical and Forensic Psychologist   Retired   2009 

Research:  Aging and mild cognitive impairment (MCI)
and Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Film:  University of Southern California Film School 1970s
Raspberry Heaven.  Amazon Instant Video

Books:  Blurred Realities (2018)
Non-Official Cover Confessions,  Book One (2019)
Non-Official Cover Confessions, Book Two (2019)


Early in writing screenplays and books, I recognized I could not escape my life as a psychologist. I have lived my life in the midst of conscious and unconscious contradictions of others and myself. I have observed and experienced how the verities of love, sex, friendship and belonging get twisted by fears of intimacy, inadequacy, rejection, estrangement and finally loss of control over our lives.

If you are seeking psychological realism and truthfulness in human action, I hope you have that experience in the stories shared in my movies and novels.

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